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Hi  i am a 55 yr old male and have a question about losing the ability of getting an erection. I know guys my age will have this problem, but i am wondering if i am speeding up this by the lack of sex. I haven't had real sex (lntercourse) in almost 4 years . My sex has been an occasional oral stimulation or handjob,that the frequency i could count on my hands over this time. I masterbate but not that often. I notice lately that my erections are that hard even when i masterbate. I still get the nitetime erections while i sleep,they are still solid when i wake,but not as many as i use to have. Am i growing impotent by not using my tool?

It certainly won't hurt anything to have frequent, regular erections.  It's good exercise for your penis to fill with blood, ejaculate, and then drain.  Your doctor would certainly give you an erection pill like Viagra if you asked.  But it would be a good idea to engage in frequent masturbation while waiting for your next intercourse.

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