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How to Deal with Sex Problems/Does my marriage still have hopes


Greetings sir,
I have been married for one year and i had just giving birth to my son. Lately,my husband and i keep on having the same issues.which is, he did'nt want to have sex with me.he will not rejected me directly,but he will never ask for it.and everytime i ask for it, he will fall asleep or he will make it as if im forcing him to have sex with me.i try to find out what seems to be the problem,and apparently i caught him flirting with other women. eventhough he said it was just a fling,i dont think i buy it.i also found out that he had been talking dirty with someone else through text messages.
Correct me if i'm wrong sir,but dont u think that a normal married men will always feel like having sex after 3 month of not going intimate?since i've giving birth,he never ask for it.and his excuse was because my body are not stable yet because i'm breastfeeding.i doubt that he didnt find any other option to arouse him since we have not being intimate for 3 month..
Please give me some advice sir, because i am considering of leaving him.

What you need to do is find ways to seduce him, to be attractive like you once were- right now, after giving birth, you're not at your most attractive state, and that, along with the idea of being a dad to a new child, is probably making him want sex less- he might prefer masturbation over sex at this point cause that seems the more exciting, the more safe thing to do.
Make your self sexy again, be a "girlfriend" and not just a "wife" or even worse, a "mom."

How to Deal with Sex Problems

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