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I'm 31 and have been married for nearly 6 years, I have 3 and 1year old children. My husband is deeply frustrated with me because we only have sex 2-3 times per month and even then I'm mostly only doing it for him and not because I want to. He can pick on this and isn't happy about it, he wants me to enjoy it too. I don't get turned on anymore, I don't even think about sex. He doesn't understand but wants to fix it and I don't know how to. It doesn't fel like there's something wrong with me so I don't know why I'm supposed to do. I'm on the pill and take anxiety medication but its the same pills I was on before having children so I don't think that's the cause. I love my husband and he is attractive to me and I just want him to be happy but his frustration is beginning to consume him

First, try to see a doctor about hormonal adjustment- sometimes, after giving birth a few times, there are hormonal changes in your body that lows sex drive.
The stress of taking care of children also becomes a factor.
Second...are you currently on any birth control?
If yes, that's usually a big factor too.

How to Deal with Sex Problems

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