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I have a question that you may have an answer to.

Why are the testicles sensitive?  They can be gently touched, but anything beyond that can be painful.  

I thank you for your reply.

ANSWER: The testes are sensitive because they are very exposed.  They are delicate enough that they are as sensitive as internal organs, but they are contained in a sac external to the body so that their temperature can be regulated well.  The scrotal sac is very thin for this same reason.  

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I got a second opinion and the response was "...the number of nerves that are down there in a small space." Are there a number of compressed nerves in the testicles to make them sensitive?  It does make sense.

I thank you for your follow-up reply.

There are nerves all over the body.  I don't know if the scrotum has more nerves than anyplace else.  However, the skin on the scrotum is very thin, so by definition, the nerves that are there are closer to the surface than most places on the body.

Please feel free to ask me more questions!

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