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QUESTION: When I have sex it's hard for me to relax because sex for me is not enjoyed unless I get myself off. sex is boring for me and I want to try new things but boyfriend can be judgemental and that's a turn off.

ANSWER: age? this your 1st boyfriend? you talk to him about this?

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QUESTION: Yes it's my first sexual relationship. It's been two years and he's much older than me so he expects me to know how to do things I don't  even have a orgasm the one time I rode him is it me

ANSWER: ages?..tell me about the relationship, what's good, what's bad..

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QUESTION: When he's not controlling he's good. But believe he cheated on me when I got an std while pregnant. He wants sex all the time so I feel its chore and have no pleasure

i've asked 3 times for your ages...your problems are mostly due to what's probably an unhealthy relationship; he doesn't appear to be a respectful, considerate guy that you can express your true feelings to; plus, you should NEVER have sex if you don't want to; you need to INFORM him what you need/want, and how he needs to change, or you're out; until you can do this, and be prepared to leave, things will only get worse...

How to Deal with Sex Problems

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