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Hi there,
First of all, I was going to make my question public but its not something I particularly want to broadcast.
Hoping you can help, it's about sexual health... I'm a 19 year old female. I've got a female partner and when we have sex, whether with the use of toys or just her fingers, as soon as it gets faster, I feel the need to pee really badly. Sometimes I actually have, and this feeling happens every time without fail. Another thing is I do have a very high sex drive. And I do get horny a lot but despite this. I very rarely get wet. She tries to turn me on etc and nothing happens, sometimes I do if I'm pleasuring her as obviously that turns me on, but it lasts for literally a minute then it's gone and I can't get wet any more, and it's only ever a tiny bit anyway! this causes an argument because she thinks it's her! So frustrating! Why is this happening? I'm only 19! Hope you can help, Amy

It can help if you urinate before sex.  Then you won't be as worried that you will during sex.  It also helps to put a towel underneath yourself, at least until you can get more confident about lovemaking.  Your partner might have experienced the same thing, so telling her will also help you worry about it less.

How to Deal with Sex Problems

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