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Hello Dr. Adams, how are you doing? My girlfriend and I been dating about 3 months now. We have discussed sex, the thing is she will not go on birth control pills, or anything else. She is 30 years old.  I decided to get Trojan enz condoms that has spermicidal lubricant.  I also decided to buy Plan B pill, incase something happens. Do you think I am approaching this the best way, giving the situation I am in? I was hoping condom plus birth control, best combo. Are condoms effective enough? I dont plan on ever ejaculating in her, so if condom broke, the spermicide would help plus plan B pill.  I get very paranoid about this type of stuff, I understand there is always a risk. Sorry I am all over the place. Thank You


I think you would enjoy Conceptrol spermicidal jelly better than condoms.  There are many different methods you can try, and you should both decide which ones you want to try, and then go for it.  Not everyone is going to agree on the same methods.  Perhaps after being sexually active longer, your girlfriend will decide the pill is OK, or maybe you will both want her to get pregnant.

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