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I'm worried about my sexual health here's the reasons

I have a hard time getting a erection unless I'm sitting on the toilet or I rub it myself when watching porn films
I have masturbated since 13 I'm coming 28 and I have used lubricant until recently the last 3/4 months
When younger I masturbated twice a day sometimes three and I cut down to three times a week now I only do it once or twice
Also physical I don't recall feeling a physical sensation when ejecting
Also I don't know if I clean myself up in my early years now I always jump into the shower and have done that for the last 4/5 years that I can remember

I kinda want to know where I stand and what are the chances of having a normal sex life without Viagra
Also if it helps I use Vaseline as a lubricant it's oil based I think


ANSWER: I don't think you have a problem.  Your masturbatory habits are very normal.  I think you would enjoy a water-based lube made especially for sex better than Vaseline.  See here to learn more about lubes:  Your frequency and methods are both normal.  Now that you're doing it only once (or twice) a day, you are apt to enjoy it more.

Feel free to ask me more questions!

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To clarify I meant once or twice a week  and there was a typo I meant to say that I haven't used lubricant until the past few months can this cause issues and does it change things
Is it true that tight clothes can cause infertility i meant to ask
A quick question is rotating your hips while wearing boxers consider harmful I remember a form of masturbation that wasn't recommended but I always wonder if it was just face down or was it the same if the person was laying face up or on their side
If someone wanted to stop masturbating for a length of time what would be the ideal length in order to remain healthy this is if they had to continuing wasn't an option


Tight clothing cannot cause infertility.  Prone masturbation (lying face down and thrusting your penis into or against something) is a cause of sexual dysfunctions in males.  You can learn more about that at  

I don't recommend stopping masturbation, but I always tell males who do to cut down to once a week for a few months and then decide if they really want to quit.

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