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I don't know where to put this question because there doesn't seem to be any appropriate places for it.

I'm 26 female and have incredible pain during intercourse. it feels like my insides are being ripped apart.

I went to the obgyn and they said everything looks normal (I did have some swelling of the ovaries)

they told me, be more gentle, use more lube, do more foreplay etc etc.

But no amount of lube helps.

I bleed every single time and the inside burns.

what I'm asking is, when I go back to the doctor, what can I say to try and convince them something is wrong?? should I ask for more specific tests?? This pain has been ongoing for a few years

please help, I hate having sex because it hurts so bad.

I recommend trying different kinds of lube.  It would also help if you could find a doctor who is interested in helping you solve your problem.  A sex therapist who specializes in female sexual dysfunction would help.  This page explains different kinds of lube:

How to Deal with Sex Problems

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