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I'm a straight man, no doubt that I'm sexually attracted to women, I have a girlfriend and we have great sex. However, I have a problem. When I go to the gym and get changed, if I don't cover myself up and my penis shows, I get an erection. Basically, I can't get naked to get changed easily because  I go hard. Also, if I use urinals in public toilets, I get an erection.

It causes me a lot of worry because someone in the changing room or toilet may think that I'm dirty, masturbating in public but that's not the case at all. I've wondered that maybe because the only time my penis is "out in public" -  not just me that's seeing it - is when I"m having sex. Maybe somehow my brain just associates other ppl being able to see my penis with my girlfriend and having sex?

I doubt that's why your penis is erecting when you don't want it to.  Sometimes erections come on just by thinking about one.  I think you're in the habit of worrying about an erection as you approach the locker room and it is bringing one on.

This is what I tell younger (high school age) males who are worried about getting erect in locker rooms: Bring on an erection about 20 minutes before you get naked.  Then by the time you're in the locker room, the erection will be gone and you won't get another one for about an hour.  

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