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I have had this problem since the first time I discovered masturbation, but since  I have become sexually active, it has gotten worse. My problem is: any time I ejaculate, I just feel terrible. Even if  I really like the person I'm with, once I ejaculate, I just want them to go away. It's not that  I am just done with them after I've gotten what  I want,   I just feel gross, and I don't want anyone around. This has become a huge problem, because I'm not even able to hide it from people, and they sometimes think that I'm genuinely just done with them. I don't know what to do.

I think you need professional help.  Nearly all males find ejaculating to be their favorite bodily function and constantly look for more opportunities to make it happen.  Have you tried ejaculating into a condom?  Maybe you would enjoy it more if you did.

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