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My wife and I are very satisfied with our sex lives but recently she's been wanting to try bdsm stuff and I have no experience with it. She wants to be teased and dominated and punished and tied up and things like that seems like sexual torture in a way. Do you know where I can find more info about that and doing it safe and making sure she enjoys it? Also I have a few other questions I hope that is ok. How do I know whether or not shes faking and saying shes satisfied. I mean today we had sex and after I thought we had both climaxed and she said she did She wanted me to use sex toys on her. Does that mean she didn't get off? Also any tips for lasting longer I tend to finish fast. And she is also asking for a threesome with another girl said she wants to watch me with her any advice on that.  Any advice on any of this helps. Thank you I really want to be the man who rocks her world everytime

Hi Anthony,

You are a lucky man to have a woman that wants to explore.  

To start with there are a couple of articles om my web site that may give you some insight.

Bondage for Beginners and Her Orgasm  Take a look at them and any other ones that look interesting.

As to  instructions:  150 Shades of Play: A Beginner's Guide to Kink
By Em & Lo
Dr. Ava's Guide to Sensual BDSM for Couples  Directed by Ava Cadell  A video

Here is the number one tip to be sure she is getting of and to alleviate any quickness on your part.  Get her off first.  And the best way to do that is oral sex.  Many women never get off any other way.  You get her off two or three times before penetration she won't care how fast you are.

I also have an article on swinging  "So you are thinking about swinging"  That will give you some of the pros and cons of threesomes.   

One last recommendation   Satisfaction Guaranteed: GREAT SEX tonight and every night

Have fun,

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