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QUESTION: Good morning doctor!
Iam 26years old man from india i have a 6 Inch cock iam a Gud performer but today i have a  very bad erection problem today i notice iam not able to have a sex with my boy friend its not standing at all its very weak penis i tried a lot its not going inside hole iam highly disappointed with my performance today  plz help me any tablets or any medicine  so i can have hard and Gud  straight erection help me plz doctor....


At any age you can have those days where things just don't work.  Unless there is some stress in you life that you need to address, just say Oh Well and forget it.  Probably your next encounter will be fine.  Erectile Dysfunction medications like Viagra are not designed for that.  Some men tho, do use them to get more, stronger erections.  They do not work unless you are aroused.

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QUESTION: Good morning doctor!
thanks for replying to my questions, i have lost my morning erection also iam rubbing my penis but its not standing and there is no hardness in my penis plz advice some safe medicine for my penis yes you are right i have exams in the the coming month i have some stress towards my studies because i have to study and work so iam having lot of stress plz help me some Gud tablet or any ayurvedic medicine for getting rock hard erection iam really worried about my sexuals weakness plz help for god sake.

Hi again,

Part of the issue is that you are worried.  The more you worry and stress about the issue the more likely it is to happen. Just don't think about your performance.  I know that is not easy.  Just take sex off the agenda, relax.   It should take care of itself.

Viagra or any of the ED pills should help.  I know of no other remedy.  Generic are much cheaper depending on where you are.

Relax, breathe and don't worry.  I will get better.

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