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I've been married for 11 years. About 5 years ago my husband just stopped wanting to have sex. We had gone to the dr and tried Viagra and it worked for awhile. My husband refuses to discuss it now. We are both 54 and he tells me that we are old and it is normal to not have sex because he says we are old. I have tried different things to try to get him interested but he says I'm making fun of him which is fair from the truth. I am confidant that is not because he is having an affair. It's very frustrating to try anything and everything to try and fix this issue. It has been effecting our marriage. When he leaves the house he kisses me with 3 pecks and never open mouth kisses. He explained to me his mother and father always kissed that way and they were married for over 30 yrs. they have both passed away since then. I'm sure he loves me but I just can't get thru to him that it is important for us to have range and intimacy but he doesn't seem to care. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you

you need to inform him that the situation is no longer acceptable, and that he needs to agree to couples counseling or the marriage is over; if you're not willing to leave because of this, then the above statement is of no use, and you are then looking at a lonely life of quiet desperation..aside from having an affair, there are no other options..

How to Deal with Sex Problems

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