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QUESTION: My boyfriend is really rough sexually like he would literally pin me down but he's sweet and doesn't mean harm. He's 21 while I'm 18. How could I deal with this? Do guys like to show dominance during sex? He's not hurting  me but he's just sex aggressive...I have pain with urinating that's it.

ANSWER: Some men (and some women) like to be rough during sex.  If you don't like it, you need to tell him how to act.  Sex should not cause you pain with urinating.  Your pain is a sign that something is going wrong.  Tell him you want more gentle sex and see if the pain goes away.

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QUESTION: The pain with urinating went away after taking a bathe for an hour but am I suppose to feel really tired and weak with stomach pain? How am I suppose to explain it to him? I don't want him to take it the wrong way.

If you are worried about how to explain it to him and are worried about how he will react, then you are obviously in an abusive relationship and should leave him.  Only a doctor can evaluate your physical symptoms and determine if there is anything wrong with you.  A loving relationship would not cause all these problems.

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