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I am suffering from sex anxiety performance?what pills can help me to face this?Shall I try cialis/viagra in combination with Xanax or something else?Please tell me what pills can help me

thank you

ANSWER: Only a doctor can decide which pills are right for you.  The best cure for performance anxiety is to remember that your partner is not judging you and she wants you to have a good time and enjoy yourself and her body.  It's better if you can relax without pills anyway.  A small dose of an erection drug will take care of your erection and keep you from worrying about it.

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thank you for your quick reply.But this what I am asking you,to recommend me some pills which in combination with cialis/viagra will help me to ease my mind and anxiety.If I were your patient what you should recommend me?Tell me so I can discuss it with my doctor.
Are you aware if there are any pills in the market or on the way which provide you erection without stimulation,besides penile injections?
Thank you

I am not a medical doctor so I don't have anything to say about which pills are appropriate for anxiety.  As a layperson, I can tell you that I've heard enough bad things about Xanax being habit-forming that I would ask my doctor for a pill that is less controversial in terms of that potential.  But I have no idea if one is more effective than another.  

A lot of those pills tend to cause sexual side effects, like loss of libido and inability to reach orgasm, so I would definitely prefer to relax and enjoy myself than subject myself to a pill like that.

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