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Hello Dr. Adams I'll try to make my question short. I cannot seem to keep or get an erection while standing up. Whether I am with a woman or masterbating by myself everything is fine if I am sitting down or if I am on top of her and lying down on a bed. I also seem to be ok while kneeling on the bed. The only time I cannot get or keep an erection is while I stand up. Do you know what can be going on? Thank you

It is normal to lose your erection when you stand up.  The erection is made possible by blood flowing into the penis and being restricted in its exit.  When you stand up, you change your blood flow and the restricted exit from the penis becomes unrestricted.  It is usually very difficult for a male to walk or even stand up and maintain his erection.  

If you obtain the erection when you're standing, it should be easier to maintain it in that position.  But there's nothing wrong with you if you can't keep an erection while standing.

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