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How to Deal with Sex Problems/Boyfriend fearing intimacy after injury to gonads (Further trust issues)


He went to a party months ago, and fatefully, his ex was also present there. I do not know what happened between them that night, but they got into a altercation and she fatally kicked him between the legs.
Now although I have never kicked a guy there before, I know it is a very sensitive and delicate area, and can be easily damaged, which was exactly what happened. Apparently she had kicked him so hard he nearly lost consciousness, and had to be sent to the hospital.

When I met him there, I learned that one of his testicles was so badly damaged and had to be removed, while the other was very badly bruised as well.

Ever since he recovered however, he has been very protective of his overall manliness, and tends to avoid sexual intimacy with me. What should I do to help him get over his fear of intimacy? And, is he less fertile than he was when he had two healthy testicles?

Now they did not break up on good terms, and he explained that she had been meaning to get back at him for dumping her, while her story was that he was drunk and had tried to have his way with her, and so she kicked him in his testes to get him away from her. I am also unsure which story I should believe, what do you think?

i think anyone assaulted like that would go to the police and have the assailant arrested, unless they had something to hide; as to the intimacy issue, he would benefit from counseling; i'm not a doctor, so the fertility question needs to be answered by a urologist..

How to Deal with Sex Problems

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