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QUESTION: I want to know how to achieve vaginal orgasms. I can get clitoral orgasms if I masturbate, but I don't have orgasms during intercourse, or if I masturbate my vagina I don't get vaginal orgasms either. So, in my entire life I've had a vaginal orgasm only once. What can I do?


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QUESTION: If I wanted a magazine article I wouldn't have asked my question here. I had already come across with that article and it wasn't of much help honestly. So I expected a real answer, from you own perspective and expertise.

Unfortuantely I can't tell you alot more than what the article's already said.
Vaginal orgasm is extremely rare at the best of times, and like all orgasms, the more you think about it, the less it will happen.
Often it takes a very very high state of arousal, coupled with skilled stimulation on the g-spot and other erotic parts of your body.
You got to understand this- female orgasm is so rare and not very well researched that in some educated circles they still, even today, say it is a myth.
Obviously, since you've had it once, it exists and might happen again, but it will take alot of experimentation and practice for it to ever become a regular thing.
One basic is it requires the stimulation of the g-spot, so the first step is to locate it in you and experiment with different angles and pressures.

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