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QUESTION: I was wondering how similar male genitals are to women's besides being on the outside? Can they be compared nerve ending by nerve ending?

ANSWER: They are made from the same embryonic template.  The same part that becomes the glans penis in the male becomes the glans clitoris in the female.  The same part that becomes the labia majora in the female becomes the scrotal skin in the male.  And so on.  If you look at the web site, on the left hand menu at the bottom there is a link to an image of the nerves of the male and female compared.

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QUESTION: How are genitals sexually stimulated? Must it always be physical pressure and motion of the surface tissues or can electrodes be used for same or similar sexual sensation?

ANSWER: Nearly everyone needs genital stimulation, physically.  Electrodes would have to be precisely tuned in order to both provide the needed stimulation and to avoid hurting the person.  I don't think very many people would enjoy being sexual while hooked up to electrodes.  Better to keep working at being better at stimulating your partner physically.

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QUESTION: I only ask because I imagine it would be interesting if a man or woman could be stimulated electronically with a model of the opposite genitals. Like a woman physically playing with a robotic phallus and having something inside her stimulate her respective parts.

I think you're talking about virtual reality.  VR sex (cyborgasm) has been invented, but I think the sleeves and parts that attach to the body work by physical stimulation and not by electrical stimulation.  Some people report being able to be stimulated that way, but that is a very small minority.  And some people aren't interested in "the opposite genitals," you know.

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