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Hi Doug,

I hope you are well.  Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but here goes.

I have been sexually inactive for the past 10 years but recently had an encounter of rough sex and still, 2 days later my clitoris is sore and just after the sex I noticed a very small amount of faint blood on the sheets and I now have a brown discharge (bearing in mind I will be having my period in around 5 days).  Are these related to having had rough sex after so long and how long should I leave a sore clitoris for until I go get it checked out?  At the moment it only really hurts when I wipe after having a pee :-) and is this likely to happen all the time after rough sex?

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Yes, that could definitely be caused by rough sex.  If it was unsafe sex, then you might have gotten worse than that.  You should be tested to make sure you didn't pick up any STDs.  If one night of rough sex caused that pain and problem, then you can expect the same from more rough sex.  I suspect you will be able to masturbate again when it no longer hurts to touch your clitoris.  Always practice safe sex.  It only takes one slip-up to cause an STD.

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