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Hello I am a 24 year old male and for the past 6 months I have been suffering from impotency. I am in very good health. I am 5'8 170 pounds and very athletic. I am a Muscle Activation Techniques specialist and spend a lot of time exercising. I pay great attention to my health. That being said, it does not make any sense for someone like me to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

I started experience erection issues about 6 months ago. I noticed that when I would masturbate that I could not achieve a full erection. About a month later (5 months ago) I started dating my current girlfriend. Even still, my erection problems progressively got worse. My girlfriend is a biologist and has also taken 2 years of holistic nutrition courses. She has given me some suggestions to try to fix the problem. I tried to take a supplement called Eroxil. I started taking it a little over a month ago. It is supposed to be a natural way to help 'reset' or regulate hormones. It helped a little bit. I noticed slight increases in erection frequency and volume. I finished the bottle and I am still experiencing issues.
Important things that might be good to point out:

I am a recovering alcoholic. I drank from Jan. 2014- May 2015. I have been clean since
I did not receive any treatment for my alcoholism. It was self treated by will power
When I quit drinking I weighed 220 pounds (I now weigh 170)
I was not experiencing these issues when I was drinking
About 4 months ago I started to eat more vegan meals (I am now about 80% vegan)
I have to urinate a LOT. I feel like I sometimes urinate more than I drink water. I am not dehydrated or thirsty. But I will get a full bladder as frequently as every hour sometimes.
My libido has dropped as well
Sometimes I am able to achieve a full erection during intercourse but as soon as stimulation stops at any point I will immediately start to lose my erection
Sensitivity to my genitals has decreased

I am not interested in taking any sort of erectile medication. Clearly there is some other underlying issue going on and impotency is just a side affect. I am 24 years old and in great shape; I should not be having these issues. If you could please suggest potential causes that I can look into that would be much appreciated!

The term impotence refers to when a man is completely unable to erect.  If he is only occasionally having trouble or partially having trouble, it is called erectile dysfunction.

I am not into alternative medicine, so I don't know anything about herbal supplements, holistic nutrition, etc.  If you went to a regular medical doctor with this information, he or she would do blood tests and STD tests and refer you to a urologist or endocrinologist, or both.  They would be looking for diabetes, Peyronie's disease, and other causes of ED.  In the short term, a doctor would probably prescribe Viagra or another ED drug to help you along.  You probably wouldn't need a whole pill; you might even be able to get by with breaking a 50 mg pill into pieces and taking a very small dose.  Don't look down your nose at ED drugs; they have helped millions of men.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention masturbating in the prone position as a cause of ED.  If you have ever masturbated lying face down, please see  

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