How to Deal with Sex Problems/Boredom in the bedroom


My boyfriend is unhappy with our sex life. He says it's the same thing over and over. We have tried several different positions, bdsm, dress up, anal, I will give him foreplay (rubbing, blowjob etc) for 45 minutes straight, we use sex toys, I've done dance strip teases and he is still bored with our sex life. I've offered suggestions like having sex in different places outside the bedroom. He wants to try new things but when I ask he doesn't have ideas. He will sometimes go limp during Foreplay or during sex. He watches porn everyday to jerk off, whether we've had sex or not. He seems to enjoy the porn more than me. I don't know what I'm supposed to do, I'm almost at the point of telling him to go have sex with other women because I obviously can't satisfy him. He says right to my face that he is bored with our sex and that sex with me is just ok, sometimes good. Please give me some advice, I don't know what to do!!

why are you putting up with this constant drain on your self-esteem?...the man claims "boredom", but it's really because he's become totally addicted to pornography, favoring it over you; my advice would be to INFORM him that either the porn goes, or you go, and mean it--otherwise you're looking at a sad life of quiet desperation..hopefully you still believe you deserve more than playing 2d fiddle to a video, then listening to him having the BALLS to complain...

How to Deal with Sex Problems

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