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How to Deal with Sex Problems/Small White Spots/Dots On Penis Forehead


Hello Doctor,

I am 26 year old and worried about the spots on my penis head. They are there from last 6-7 months and they are not itchy and no pain. But I am worried about them now. I thought that they will go after some time but they are still there. I do masturbate regularly and also take care of hygiene.

About my sex life:

I tried to do sex with my girlfriend but we always rub the penis on vagina but I never inserted it in. Please tell me what should I do not and how to I get rid of these spots.

Thank you so much in advance.

They are probably pearly penile papules.  You could search on that term and see photos of what they look like.  If you're still worried about what they are, you should see a doctor.  The spots don't make any difference in sexual functioning.  Most males your age have had sex already.  Maybe go for it.

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