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Dealing with Bosses and Coworkers/sarcasm and condescending people in workplace


Been there too often to count wrote at 2013-03-16 00:20:16
Hi Sherry,

I completely understand your situation. I work in a very large retail store with more young people than middle age. You and I are expected to rise above the fray but to be honest there is only so much of a person to go around especially if you are overworked, tired, low pay. These kid's can drive you nuts from laughing, goofing off, petty backstabbing plus just disappearing when they should be working. Sometime I think that people like this think their getting away with something I must admit I can be envious of their energy level and ability to recoup so fast. Mostly I think it's poor work ethic. The strongest factor is these are sometimes their first jobs and the attitude of this bus don't stop here is dominate. Some may make it some won't. I try to stay cool, calm and hardworking but heck I'm 62 and doing deli work and at the end of my shift there is nothing left of me. Try to stay calm, overlook things after all these are not adult people. If it's a boss he/she may be in overload. We all have a personal life and it is not always easy to leave it at home. You are a mature woman so am I but we are human. I guess that is why there is so much turnover where I work. Good luck to you. If your not careful it will ruin what could be a good day at my age (bucket list) I don't have much time left why should we let some kid or boss ruin that?? NOT

Dealing with Bosses and Coworkers

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I am able to discuss issues relating to workplace bullying/mobbing from those who are on the receiving end of bullying behaviours or from those accused of bullying behaviour. This is done from a from a counselling/relationship perspective.


I am a professional counsellor and trainer specialising in workplace issues and have been the director of counselling and development for a national UK anti-bullying charity. I am an acknowledged UK expert in this area as evidenced by providing the lead workshop for the Association for Counselling at Work national conference on workplace bullying in 2007. I have also written a number of articles in this area. Before retraining as a counsellor I spent 15 years working in senior management positions for large multinational companies focussing on cultural change management and resource management. I have beeen accused of bullying, on the receiving end of bullying and a manager having to deal with bullying issues, so I have a rounded approac h seeing issues from all angles.

British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy; General Hypnotherapy Register; Association of Counsellors at Work;

Counselling at Work - Asssociation for Counselling at Work

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling - Organisational Settings (Bristol Uni) I am currently completing my MSc at Bristol University focussing on workplace bullying; with a special emphasis on ways to engage those accused of bullying in the change process.

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