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In my company, people often wear very informal dress. Even the jeans can be seen.

In that kind od environment, i was wondering if it is good for your career to wear a suit without a tie? It seems like the middle ground. will you attract favorable attention from your bosses?

Hi Mike,

There was a time when wearing a suit and tie to work was the uniform of the day. Everyone in a white-collar job did it, and failing to do so was considered inappropriate.

Of course, all that's changed now, and what's considered to acceptable in one environment can be unacceptable in another.

In the workplace that you describe, I think that you ought to choose what is comfortable for you, as long as that doesn't mean cut-offs and a holey t-shirt. (LOL) Wearing something that's semi-formal in an informal office can be just as conspicuous as donning a swimsuit at a black-tie dinner. Well. Maybe not quite as much as that. But you get the idea.

What does your immediate supervisor wear? That might be a good model to follow. But then, it may not. It could be that your boss regularly meets people who dress up more than those in your office, and therefore he/she is also more dressed up than the rest of you.

But your question does reveal a very important factor. Do you really want to attract attention to yourself because of the way you dress?

I doubt it. I'd be inclined to just fit in. Then when you are noticed, it will be for the high quality work that you do, rather than your wardrobe.

Cheers, Bruce  

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