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Dear Sir,

May I ask in general, what happens when you apply for a job in another country and get shortlisted for the interview?

In this case, your concern is about the airfare. Who would pay for this - you yourself or the company in that foreign country?

My sincere thanks,

Hi John,

Thanks for writing to me.

The decision about who pays the airfare will always rest with the company. But, you can be sure of this: It would have to be a very senior position for it to fly you half way around the world for an interview. They would probably do it for a director-level position, but I'd be surprised if they did it for a position that was lower than that.

In the United States, companies will pay for round-trip flights for senior sales manager positions, but only after a successful telephone interview. You have to remember that it's only about 3,000 miles across the US. I'm guessing that the distance from Viet Name to the UK is more like 12K.

If a company wants to interview you while you're living abroad, they'll probably arrange to do so by phone in any case.

Cheers, Bruce

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