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Dealing with Bosses and Coworkers/How do big companies celebrate the New Year to keep the staff happy?


Dear Sir,
I come from an Asian country, where during the New Year, companies and government institutions would routinely treat their staff at restaurants.

Now Iíve moved to England and worked for a big company, with 20,000-rich workforce. And I was surprised that they did nothing for their staff during the New Year.

Is it common like this in Western countries? Doesnít it make staff unhappy?
Thank you

Dear Liam,

Many thanks for writing to me.

Different countries do have different customs, and different companies also have different policies.

Short of hiring a coliseum, however, I can't think of a venue that would be large enough to throw a party for 20K people. And the catering bill would probably exceed its annual profits.

I'm being a little facetious, but I think you get the idea. Generally what happens is that departments, sub-departments, or offices have their own get-togethers. And one of the problems that can arise from that is that if you're not part of the crowd that does that, then you won't get invited.

So here's an idea. Throw your own party. Invite those people that you'd like to have there. Ask everyone to bring something so you don't have to foot the bill. I think that you'll be surprised how many will come if you offer them the opportunity.

If you're wanting to attend a bash, you can bet that there will be others who would like to, as well.  

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