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Dealing with Bosses and Coworkers/Should you criticize your boss when socializing with your colleagues?


Dear Sir,

This is my question.

What if some of your colleagues and you yourself are not happy about the boss.

Then, when you have lunch or drink together, and they began to criticize the boss, what should you do?

If you are honest with yourself, then you would say what you really think about the boss, too.

But is it alright to do that?

Thank you

Kevin, it is usually never a good idea to criticize someone behind his/her back. Folks who pile on when someone criticizes the boss tend to be like a cancer to a company. Best to distance yourself from them.  If they are doing this while you are around, just say something like, "I've got no love loss for the boss, but I'd rather not talk about him behind his back."

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