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My husband has been a top performer for a company for more than 11 years and has come to a point when he can no longer tolerate or trust his abusive and erratic boss.  My question is: when interviewing for a new position elsewhere, what should he say about why he is looking to leave the company? He may even consider taking a lesser job, so I'm sure it will come up.
It seems that it would send up red flags to say just about anything honest, so a politically correct answer must be in order here, and I can't think of one.


An easy way to approach this is to just say something like, "I've observed how the people who work here seem to be a cohesive team looking out for each other. That is what I'm really looking for."

If your husband is asked about who he works for now, he can respond with something like, "The culture where I work now isn't nearly as supportive as what I've already seen at your company."

By giving a comparative response, he will deflect the urge to criticize his current boss/company.

The person interviewing him will appreciate that your husband has noticed the positives of his/her culture. (Assuming that the compliment is true, of course.)

Good luck,

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