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I manage a detail department at a luxury dealership. Our dealership has grown in terms of profit and volume of sales in the past year. We just built an additional $5 million building and lot to compensate for the volume.

My department has also expanded in terms of work and they hired me on to offset outsourcing to other dealerships for restoring vehicles. My expectations are VERY high and I've never worked for a dealership that wants this much output in a day.

Here's my problem. When they hired me on they let go of a full time employee. And now they're planning on firing the part time employee even though we've tripled the amount of work in a day.

My team are all minimum wage earners and are burning out. We rarely finish our daily tasks and many are skipping their lunches to ensure work is completed. Even I am feeling the strain and I'm not one to wince from hard work.

How do I change management perspective?


Management likes when you can prove Return on Investment. Write out a plan that shows by increasing a single minimum wage employee, how much additional revenue that person will generate. When management make decisions to cut staff, it is almost always because labor is one of the few variables that they have control over.  Many of these guys receive bonuses based on profit for their individual department. If they can reduce costs just before bonuses are calculated, they can sometimes generate a windfall in bonus. So, you have to show them how the windfall will come if the hire, not fire someone.  

Dealing with Bosses and Coworkers

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