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Dealing with Bosses and Coworkers/Workplace harassment & bullying by boss


I work at the most popular private country club in my area. Iv been employed there for 4 yrs now. I was warned about the club manager previous to my employment but figured iv had bad bosses b4 that i could deal with this particular one. Iv taken the role of banquet setup manager & have been punctual & loyal giving 110% daily. My boss is constantly over my shoulder telling me how to do my job, even the smallest & simplest of things that iv done a thousand times. He calls or texts me almost every eve after i clock out to tell me things i already know or things that could wait till the next day. If i ignore his attempts to contact me he will chain call or text relentlessly. Its not unusual to see 15 to 20 attempts. Its never important, its always something i know or could be put in my work mailbox for the next day. Iv overheard him talking to members & taking credit for my hard work like he did it. He tries to control the employees by intimidating & threatening us with our jobs if anything is said. The better i do my job the more harassing he gets. Moral at the job is so bad. Noone likes being there & the turnover rate is so high there's hardly any experienced employees left. Its been such an emotional Rollercoaster ride working for him. Miserable is an understatement. I struggle daily to not walk out. The job itself isnt bad. But the work outweighs the pay. Iv gotten a 25 cent raise in 4 yrs due to his budget always being in the red. Im fulltime but rarely get 40 hrs because he cuts my hrs to help his budget instead of doing his job & finding ways to save money within the buisness. He gives away so much stuff like beverages & snacks on a daily basis to members which wastes money, he over staffs events which in turn the employees end up making less due to us depending on gratuity. Hes paranoid about lossing his job which is his power & control. But pushes his responsibilities off on us to ensure hes not in a position of blame. After talking with him you feel insulted & he makes us feel like were not doing enough. He feels he needs to think for everyone because were all stupid compared to him. He requires so much attention that he nitpicks every little thing including how the employees look. Iv personally heard him talk down to employees if he doesn't like their hair style or things that are personal. Id really like to know what steps can be taken to bring some justice. If i had more space i could tell you so much more. He is the exact definition of a workplace terrorist. Hes ruined so many peopls work lives its very depressing to watch it happen to each & every employee that has or does work there. Iv personally never experienced anyone else like him in my 41 yrs of life. Please help!


It sounds to me like you might want to find a new place to work versus trying to change your boss.  Just so you know, most of the things that you are saying that he is doing isn't terrorism or harassment.  It is just his style of controlling management.  The good news is that if that style of management isn't comfortable to you, there doesn't seem to be a lot of downside to going elsewhere.  You should be able to easily find an alternate location where tips are more freely given and you will be able to better achieve full time work.  No reason to hang around if you are miserable.

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