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QUESTION: Hey, so there's this guy who I thought I'd never fall for but I did and he means everything to me. So I wanna ask you what you think. He teases me, we ALWAYS stare at each other whenever we see each other but when we do he always has this smile on his face (as if he's in love with me) he always talks to me face to face but we never SMS n stuff like that :( . Whenever we see each other or when we say goodbye we hug each other ? and when we sometimes touch each other I can see he is so happy. He always blushes and gets nervous. On one Sat we were lying next to each other and he was putting some blanket on me:)and we were touching each other a lot(we always)at his trampoline he held out his hand to pull me up. He is always talking to my sister though on BBM(sms) but not me(they not the same age) but we are (we both 14 years old) and everyone says he DEFINITELY likes me but he's not showing it. My friend asked him if he wanted to go out with me and he rejected but I'm confused why is he showing all these signs? I try everything and he never messages me. (He's not a nervous guy) and he is always showing off in front of me. Can you please help me? Just to add to this: he used to like my sister, they had a big fight over BBM. My sister is 15 and he is 14, my sister said she will never go out with someone younger than her. But they always chatting and I asked her to back off and I feel like dying because she won't lay off. And sometimes he can be mean to me but at other times he can be so sweet and I always think after that sweet day/night I feel like he wants me but he doesn't? And EVERYONE thinks he likes me please help me.

ANSWER: Hi Tailah,

First, I thank you for posting your question. :)

Okay, based on what you said, I also do have a strong feeling that he is into you,however guys can often be tricky. When you said that you do not know why he always BBM your sister and not you, well it's simple. The reason why he does it to your sister, it's because he is not that close to your sister as much he is with you. Your sister shows in a way that she is always busy and having fun with her friends without him. On the other hand, you are always available for him which makes him comfortable. I almost had the same issue with my crush and what I did was that I completely ignored him for a week, like as if he did not even exist. Well of course, whenever we do meet on the hallway we would say hi, but I stopped there and continued walking by him.
Hence, exactly after 9 days, I received a text message from someone. And guess who? From my crush! He texted whether I was free for tonight to go to the movies and mention that he missed me for the past few days! Guys do go after girls who are hard to get. So, you have to play hard in order to get him.
As for the part when your friend asked him and he said no. Don't ever let your friends ask because my friend did the same thing and he said no. But few months later, when I asked through text message, he said to me that he does have feelings. It's different when you ask versus to when your friends ask him. :)

So, my advice to you is try doing my trick and let me know how it goes through a follow-up. It is going to be hard to stay away form his life for few days but how badly you want him to BBM you?  Remember, it is not only to make him BBM you but also for you to have your own time and taking care of yourself. =D

Hope it helps you

Good luck!

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QUESTION: Hey :) its Tailah again. Um...I just wanted to add to the one before. This guy also treats me as if I am 8 years old. And we the same age, like if there is a movie that we can watch (for 14 year olds) my sister would say ' I don't know if my sister can watch it though?' Then he would say 'okay let's rather not watch it because your sister can't, you're to young' and that just makes me feel terrible :( like I want to cry. Why do you think he does that? :( now I feel like I'm not 14 years old.... And it also makes me feel we're not friends anymore.

Hi again Tailah,

Okay, you may have to consider whether he really does feel something for you if he treats you like a kid. In that case, I suggest you to try talking about how you feel for him to him face to face, when your sister is not around. Or if you feel uncomfortable, then write a letter to him.

Hope this helps you! :)

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