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I don't know how to deal with my recent 'break up'. This guy and I were sort of dating. We were dating without saying we were dating because he wasn't allowed to date. We were perfectly fine and our relationship was fine until three weeks ago. We had an argument and we 'broke up'. The first week he was fine and I was sad. The second week we were almost back to normal and everyone thought that we'd get back together. Then the third week I was happy and he was sad. Lately he's been giving me mixed signals and I've been trying to get over him. I've been flirting to try and get over him, and he's been flirting with me, but he's also been flirting with one of my good friends. He texted me the other day and started being all secretive, and everyone thought he was going to ask if we could get back together. But he ended up asking me if my good friend likes him. And he's been acting with her like he was acting with me when we first started going out. But he's also been acting like he's been getting jealous. He would become mean to me after he saw me with a guy he doesn't like or just another guy. He said I love you to me on Thursday and he looked semi serious. But then he tells my good friend that he doesn't like anyone. And when I said that I love one of my guy friends all he said was "mhhhm" and he used to do that to me all the time. And my friends think he's been getting jealous. I want to get over him, but I don't know what to make of this. Help please? Thanks

Hi Angie,

First of all sorry for the delay since I was on my exam terms.

Okay, here what I did to get over a 3 months of relationship with my ex-boyfriend.
1) Completely stop all contact with him. I know. It is not that easy but, what I suggest you is that start by not replying his messages. Then, little by little, limit your contact with him.

2) The best moment for the girls to forget about our guy is to go shopping or to the movies with our girl friends! =) When I had to get over my ex boy-friend, my friends invited me to shopping and we lots of great moments trying out different clothes and taking pictures of it. But, always keep in mind that we should not talk about our ex when we are having fun.

3) One of my passion is writing. Hence, I started writing my novel and still I am writing, changing the script and editing. Try finding your passion and occupy yourself with it.

Hope it helps you!
Merry Christmas in advance! =D

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