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(I'm 13)There's a guy I really like. I started liking him recently because he only recently began to talk to me and make conversation. I have hardly ever even noticed him before, but he was going to take drum lessons from my brother and he started talking to me after that. Now he talks to me a lot when he's even with friends or around a group. He will turn around and direct his comments about stuff directly to me. During a presentation, he turns around during the end and says quietly that he fell asleep and started laughing and smiling. Me and my friend went to sit by ourselves, slightly near him and his other friend, and when he saw that we did, he looked at me and moved closer to us. He started telling us about a funny movie, but was looking directly at me the whole time. Then we had a sort of food fight (with mayo and mustard packets). And he tries to act really, really good at stuff when he's around me. I don't know how to handle stuff like this. I haven't exactly had much experience in this kind of thing. I'm so confused. One day in gym, I had been crying because I had been having an overall crappy day and I had seen him hug another girl. It definatley looked like I had been crying. I was in the locker room for a while, but somehow I composed myself and came out. I looked at the guy and he looked back at me for a while, then looked at the ground. I tried to avoid him for a while, for fear of me crying again. Another day, I was on the verge of tears again. I guess you could see it in my face, because my friend told me he had been looking a me with a sad expression on his face for a really long time. She also said that the day I had been crying, he asked her if I was okay and said that he was worried. I have no idea what to do. He flirts with all these other girls, right in front of me, getting their numbers and joking with them. He hasn't even tried to get mine yet. He didn't even wish me a merry Christmas, but now it's Christmas break and I won't see him for 2 weeks. And it will be 2013. And my birthday is soon thereafter. So I guess I'll have a pretty sucky Christmas, a pretty sucky birthday, and not exactly start out the new year on a good note. Why does his happen to me? Why do they all hate me? Please help me.

Hey Hayley,

Don't say that everyone hates you. You know deep inside you that it is not true. Based on what you said, he seems to have mixed signals. But, are you going to depend your happiness on him?
Just because he did not wish you merry Christmas, it doesn't mean that you are going to have a bad Christmas holiday or a bad birthday. Honestly, I'll tell you a truth. Right now, I am not feeling well, and I am seeing a guy and we both mutually are having feelings for each other since he told me about his feelings. But, today, he did not even bother to text message whether I was okay or not. Do you want me to stay depressed the whole day for him? :)

We do not know what goes in a guy's mind and top of all he is not your boy-friend to expect his wish. Stay positive. If he wished all the other girls and not you, then thing to yourself that you are special to his eyes :) Always see the bright side in every each of bad moments in your life. Trust me, this will change your life a lot!

So, I suggest to have fun with your friends and family during the holidays ;D
Hope it helps you
Merry Christmas in advance!

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