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Hi Ricky,

Alright so I am 19 and I have a crush on this girl in my psych class. We sit next to each other in psychology and every once in a while we talk a little, but we're not that close. So the semester is almost over and I would really like to ask her out on a date. My dilemma is if I should wait until the last day of class to ask her because if she says no I probably won't see her again. I don't want things to be awkward between us because she literally sits right next to me and I still have to see her for the next couple of classes. Also, I'm not very good at reading signs and body language, but from what I've seen it doesn't seem like she is interested in me.



Dear Brandon,

     I think you should give things a little more time.As you know, there are 2 possibilities here 1.) The Girl is interested 2.) The Girl is not interested.

In either case, you losing sleep over whether she likes you or not won't effect her thinking.
I would suggest that you continue being friends with her for sometime now.

The very fact that you want to postpone things till that last day shows that you are not too positive about her feelings. Understand that it is ok for her not to like you the way you do her. It also ok if things get a little awkward between you both. You should learn to handle situations like those instead of avoiding those.

After all, you just like her. And expressing that feeling is no crime.

So please don't over analyze her reactions. Be cool. Move on with life whether she likes you or not.

Life is a long journey and I am sure you will find someone where the feelings are mutual.

Hope this helps.


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