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Dealing with Crushes/Mixed Signals?


Hi! Ok, so I'm in grade 7, age 13. I've had this crush on a guy, for about 3 years. He's the same age as me, and he's in the same class as me. I'm not sure if we're Friends.. Or... Ok, almost everyday at school, during class, I catch him staring at me,And we lock we contact for a few seconds, but then I look away quickly, thinking I look stupid or creepy. Sometimes I'll occasionally poke him or playfully shove him, and he'll do the same. When we stare, it's sort of awkward, not really smiling, but, I don't know if I'm exaggerating but I kind of feel this feeling, I don't know what it is. He has two other friends that are girls, and he used to have a crush on one if them. He is also starting to talk to me more, and starting conversations. I'm really confused, because at times, I feel like he is ignoring me and into the other girl more. I'm staring to wonder if he doesn't like me, or if he doesn't like either of us. Oh! Also, I'm starting to feel a lot closer to him, than I did before. Thanks x

Hey Aaliyah,

First of all, thank you for posting your question.

So, I do see some signs that he may be into you, but it is still unsure because of other factors that you mention. Hence, for now all I could tell you, it is to see how far it goes. Do not expect anything, just go with the flow, do not push anything like doing something in order to get his  attention, etc. Do not let him always start the conversation, whenever you can, go try and talking to him and make your communication longer. As you guys keep having conversations, you guys probably will start hanging out together. Moreover, if you guys do end up hanging out, then try showing how your feels indirectly to give him a hint. For example, if you guys go out to the movies and after the end of it, tell him of you feel being around him, how it feels great to be with him and so on. In that case, you could find it out from his reply.

Hope it helps you!
And best of luck with your crush! =)

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