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Dealing with Crushes/my best friend's crush likes me and i like him?


so i've been dealing with this situation for quite awhile. my friend is obsessed with this guy since 7th grade(we're in 9th grade now) Last year she told him that she likes him but he rejected her, he told her that he wants to be only friends. she still didn't move on and she still likes him even if she knows that she doesn't stand a chance. Last year he started talking to me and he asked me out, i said yes and we went to the movies. he told me that he likes me but i told him that i can't hurt my friend. i deleted him and now after 8 months i kind of regret what i did because he is such a nice guy and my friend doesn't really stand a chance so why can't i try it out?. so last week i decided to talk to him again, again he asked me out. if i tell my friend, she would probably get mad.. but she doesn't stand ANY Chance with the guy, is it right for her to get mad at me if i ever take a step ahead with the guy?

Dear Isbella,

        Your friend is obsessed with this guy but it is unfortunate that this guy doesn't like her. Since this guy and you like each other, I think it is ok for you to go ahead with each other. However it might be unfair if you got him to do this by taking undue advantage of any information that this girl might have given you.

       Another thing that you might have to consider is your relationship with your friend once you go out with this guy. She might not take it the way you want her to. It might be a good idea to explain her you stand on the whole thing and that you and the guy like each other. Even after this, she might not like it. But then there's nothing much that you can do about it.

 So, this guy and you should give this a thought and go ahead with what you feel.
Hope this helps.


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