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So i met this girl at a party she is in 8th grade like me and wanna get to know her and possibly date her. She says she liked when we slow danced and were friends on Facebook and Instagram but i don't know how to approach being good friends and then dating. I thought of a couple ways:
1.ask one of my friends to ask her what she likes in a guy
2. Be straight up and ask if she wanna go somewhere
The reason is cuz i don't know her vey well and the fact that she said she isn't looking for romance because she is young i don't know how do I fix that?

Dear Joe,

  It might be a good idea to talk to her directly.
Try and get a casual relationship going first by being friends and getting to know her better.

Once you do that, may be later you could think of the romance aspect.

Hope this helps.


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I can answer questions related to crushes. I believe I can help teenagers about the problems and difficulties that they have when they get attracted to members of opposite sex. I don't think I will be handle questions on physical relationships and sex.


I am 29 now and I have faced such situations during my teenage and even after that. Based on this, I consider myself adept to be dealing with such situations.

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