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Dealing with Crushes/I told my bestfriend I liked her and she says its too awkward to talk


My friend and I have known each other for about a year, but its felt like forever. We play sports together, drive together, I help with her homework, talk about her family problems and her family even invited me over for Christmas, and I buy them gifts every year. We were really close. She did have a boyfriend and I had a girlfriend and both we're jealous of my best friend and I but we never acknowledged it. Recently she's been distant from me and I never knew why. So one day when my friends and I were at a party I felt something was missing because she wasn't there, so I called her and told her how I felt (in a voicemail since she wasn't answering text or calls). Now she purposely avoids me and when I confronted her she says we shouldn't talk until its not awkward any more. I'm afraid that she may think everything I've done with her was a ploy to get her to like me, which is not the case! I want to clear the air or maybe even start over but I'm lost

Dear Barry,

       It's ok to have feelings for a friend.
It might be best for you to explain her what you think of her and that you did not do anything to get her to like you. Be clear on what you think for her - whether you want to be friends with her or treat her as your special one.

Once you explain what you think of her, it's up to her. You needn't bother about her reaction because that's something that is not in your hands. After explaining your stand on the issue, it's up to her to take a decision. Whatever it is, it might be a good idea for you to respect it and not bother too much about it.

If she reciprocates your feelings, then great. Even otherwise, you should just move on.

Hope this helps.


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