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Hey Ricky :) where do I start? Okay so I like this guy who goes to my school and in the same grade. He flirts sometimes like when I'm walking he winks at me or just Stand infront of me smile and go. When Idid something new to my hair he told me oh you look so beautifulll like this. And yesterday we had a fun day at school when he saw me he was like what a pretty girl an kept complimenting me. My bestfriend was beside me but he didn't tell her anything he focused on complimenting me only. When e saw me sitting again with my friend he came and stood with us. I could notice him looking at me from afar. I'm trying to show him that I care like for example he don't come to school on Wednesday. So when I saw him on Thursday I was like why didn't you come yesterday? He's not with me in any class so this showed that I actually pay attention to him. Also in thefunday he came late I was like why didn't you come early. What else should I do?? He once walked me to my bus. He all of a sudden came to me and I was holding my phone. He typed his number and left. He has my number too. I can't call him!! That would be so awkward. But I want to know if he likes me or not. I want to tell him something or do something that will make his answer mean yes or no. But I won't be able to ask him out. Because I'm in Egypt so things are pretty different. Please help me!! What should I do when I see him?? I think he does treat me a bit nicer than at least my friends. But I don't want to get too attached then realize he doesn't like me and that's just his personality. So what should I do. I need your help ricks. Thank you :)

Dear Salma,

     As you have mentioned in your mail, you definitely have a feeling for this guy. From what you have said, you have already expressed that to him indirectly in your conversations that you like him. It might be a good idea to check if the guy flirts with every other girl or if it was just with you. You already said that he didn't compliment your friend when you were around but still you should check.

May be you could express that you like him indirectly 2-3 times more. But hold on once you do that. Once you have expressed your interest towards a person, you have done your bit. If the guy is interested, he will get back to you. If not, you should move on. Don't get too obsessed with him. Find time for yourself and may be spend more time on your school or a hubby.

If he is interested, he will get back to you.


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