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Hey :) how are you?  I like this guy who goes to my school and with me in the same grade but not class. At first, web I used to walk by him he flirted like saying a word or so. Then every time we've seen each other, I would shake hands with him. Then whenever he used to see me sitting me and my bestfriend, he would come when gettin out of class and sit with us. I really like him but I dot know I don't think he feels the same! I saw him in an outing, he was with this girl who once before told is she's my fiancée but he was joking ofcourse. When e saw me, he came up to me he looked very happy. The girl held his hand as a way of preventing him to come to me. He came again to flirt then she did the same thing. I don't know what was wrong with her. Then he said if anyone annoys you just come and tell me, then the girl told him come come. I said go with her! After that I see him in school, he came today, I was holding my phone. He took it and then typed his number. But somehow I feel like he changed since I saw him in the outing, what do you think I should do? He comes everyday when going home and stands in front of my bus. But the girl I told you about, her bus is in te same area. But I see her standing with his friend and not with him. What should I do?? I like him so muchh and I want to talk more. And I want something to know f he likes me or not. What to do?? Please help meeee!! Thank you ;)

Dear Mai,

      From what you have written, it seems that you are totally heads and heals over this guy.
I would suggest you not to read too much into what you see. Instead it might be a good idea to talk to him directly. Talk to him more like a friend and figure out if anything is wrong between him and the girl. Then you will have more clarity on whether this guys likes you.

Also,remember that you like him and probably at some stage, you are likely to him know your feelings. Beyond that, there's nothing that you can do to make him like you. That's his wish.
Please have a life beyond this guy and try to get busy with your school and other hobbies.
If this guy likes you, then great.If he doesn't , you should still have loads of fun in your life.

Hope this helps.


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