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Hi, there is a boy that i really like. I don't think that i like him based on his looks much, but i barely talk to him because we dont have any classes together. I don't know why i like him, but i have since September and i still like him the same amount as i did then. I get a butterfly feeling in my stomach when i think about him and i find myself thinking about him a lot. i think its probably a crush, but i haven't felt this way before. Why do i like him so much?

Dear Mary,

     It is perfectly ok to like a boy for something else other than his looks. It's may be the way he talks or may be some attribute of his. It is difficult for me to tell you why you like him so much with what you have told me.

If you think you like him so much, it might be a good idea to try and talk to know him. You would get to know him better this way and then you'll know for yourself if you really like him ( and why you like him).

I would suggest that you should talk to this guy at the earliest.

Hope this helps.


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