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Hi Ricky,

I am a 14 year old girl named Sophia and I like this guy who I have been crushing on for a while. He is 3 months younger than me. We met through my neighbours, who are his cousins. He is a bit taller than me and we both go to different schools. He is popular and I am not. Is that bad?

When I first met him he was shy, like me and we both didn't really talk. Later when he had left his cousin told me that we should go out (the guy I like and me) I thought it was a bit strange and I said I don't really know him. After thinking about this for a while I thought maybe the guy I like used to like me and then when I said no to his cousin he gave up?

Anyways We were both at a party on the weekend, his friends were there and they kept talking and then looking in my direction. I caught his eye looking at me a couple of times. I don't know what they were saying but hopefully good? During the night I got a prank call and i believe it was him. Does this mean he sees me as a friend? But we only talked for like 2 minutes that night. If he liked me wouldn't he have talked to me more? Or is it because his friends were there?

I never really have the chance to talk to this boy because we both go to different schools and we have different friends. But, when we do talk we are always laughing and smiling, there is never an awkward moment while talking. He seems like a really nice person, but I am just not sure if I am reading into everything.

One time he tried helping me on an Assignment but we got sidetracked. Also during the holidays one time every day of the week we were together in the pool and at his cousins house.

I have his Facebook and phone number, but we have only ever talked on that once. If he liked me wouldn't he initiate the conversation? I want to start a conversation with him but, as a friend and not be to obvious that I like him. But  I don't know how. Can you help me?

Hopefully from what I have told you, you might be able to see if he likes me or I am just reading too much into the situation. And maybe you may be able to tell me how to get his attention, so he can see me as a friend or more than a friend.

Thanks Sophia

Dear Sophia,

Each of us has a different personality. Some get popular early in their life, some later and some are just content to be what they are. So don't worry about the popularity bit.

From what you have explained, I can't tell you if he likes you or not. But at this age, it's quite easy to like someone of the opposite sex. So that's no big deal.

You can be friends with him but don't read too much into it. Also, be casual while talking to him and avoid being very conscious. I mean being worried/conscious about it is not going to help you in this case or anything else in your life. Please avoid doing that.

You might want to ping him on Facebook. If he is interested, I believe he will respond. If he doesn't, I don't think it is worth bothering about it. Hope this helps.


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