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i have a crush on this boy for 3 years now..(or maybe 4?)..i tried to get his attention but he doesnt care or rather my way sof getting his attention is the problem cause i absolutely dont know what to do and hope you can help me with this...thanks

Hi Shii,

It is NOT worth having a crush on anyone for that long duration when the other person doesn't care for you. It is simply not worth it. Even if you try hard and get his attention, the whole thing might not last long.

You might want to take your mind off this issue. Spend your time on other activities like a sport or a hobby. You have already given indications that you like him. So you have done your bit. It's  up to him to come back to you. If he doesn't, you shouldn't really bother. Remember that you will finally find someone who likes you the way you like him.

Hope this helps.


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I can answer questions related to crushes. I believe I can help teenagers about the problems and difficulties that they have when they get attracted to members of opposite sex. I don't think I will be handle questions on physical relationships and sex.


I am 29 now and I have faced such situations during my teenage and even after that. Based on this, I consider myself adept to be dealing with such situations.

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