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Dealing with Crushes/What do I do next?


I like this guy and I have been picking up hints that he like me too (i.e. His friend told me, his friends were nudging him towards me in the hallway). The only thing is that one time I asked him to the movies and he said that he was busy. However, he hasn't made a move at all. He hasn't asked for my number or anything. His friend told me that he thought I was cute but just needed to get to know me better...but that's the thing. He hasn't even tried! I don't know if I am just wasting my time on this guy because he knows that I like him and he is popular so he isn't shy. If anything he is the total opposite of shy. I am just confused because I thought he liked me but it seems that I am the only one ever making a move. What do I do? Leave him or keep trying? I feel like I am getting no response from him! 
--We are both in HighSchool

Dear Jane,

I would suggest you not to take what his friends say about you and him too seriously. Most of the times, friends are not sure about what a guy/gal feels for someone of the opposite sex.

Have you tried telling him that you like him? Have you given me any indications about your feelings?

If you haven't expressed anything to him, you might want to ask him for a movie or lunch once or twice. Be careful not to act too desperate with him. Just be casual when you do that. You might in fact want to call other friends as well. Try spending time with him and see how he behaves.

If you already you, you have showed him that you like him. You should now wait for him to respond since the ball is in his court. You should not try too hard to get his attention. That will only drive him away from you. Get busy with your own work instead. If he likes you, he will come back. If he doesn't, he was never meant for you.

I am sure you will definitely find someone who likes you the way you like them. Till then, enjoy your life without getting stuck with someone/something.

Hope this helps.


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