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I talk to this girl from my class on Facebook and I would just start out as asking for the homework and she would tell me but one day she was sick and I offered her my hw and she said thank you then I said I hope you feel better and she said thank you:) then I said if u ever need help with I thought at that moment she liked me but then it got better I then asked her what the hw was again and she said it and then told me that she could give me her number because it's easier then Facebook then I said if u need help in Spanish I could help you and I texted her and we had a brief convo only bc it was just to let her know that it was me that was texting her and not some random guy and then I texted a day later saying hey and she didn't respond and two days later I said hey what's up and she still never responded why is that?

Dear Randy,

From what you have explained, you are trying too hard to get her attention. Doing this only drives a girl away.

I would suggest you don't chase her for a response. Remember that you are not even a good friend and she need not respond to you. Stay cool. Get busy with other things in life. You have already shown your interest by texting her. Now the ball is in her court. Let her respond. If she does, then great. If she doesn't, you don't have anything to lose. Respect her choice of not responding to you and get on. I am pretty sure you will find someone who will like you the way you like her.

Hope this helps.


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I can answer questions related to crushes. I believe I can help teenagers about the problems and difficulties that they have when they get attracted to members of opposite sex. I don't think I will be handle questions on physical relationships and sex.


I am 29 now and I have faced such situations during my teenage and even after that. Based on this, I consider myself adept to be dealing with such situations.

I am an engineering graduate in Computer Science. I have done n M.B.A in Communication Management.

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