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Dealing with Crushes/Does she like me?


So I'm a freshman in highschool and this girl is only 2 years older than me. I usually sit with my friends but I sat with these junior girls 2 days in a row a couple of days ago during lunch. The one I think likes me was staring at me when I was sitting at my friends' table. Anyways, her friend came over to me and told me that Samantha( the girl ) wanted me to go over to her and say hi to her. And shes about all the way across the cafeteria? Then her friend was sitting by her and she got up and moved and told me to sit by Samantha. I told her that I finished my food to come say hey to her and she said "aww." So does she like me? And should I ask for her number?

Dear Tyler,

It is probably a bit too early to conclude whether she likes you or not.
It is not a great idea to believe what your or her friends say about she thinks about you.

I don't think you should ask her number right way. Just see if you can talk to her a couple of times on anything. Also I would suggest you not to appear to be too interested when you talk to her. If you do that, it will get ugly. The harder you try, the harder it will get for you. Be cool and don't appear to be too keen about her. In fact it might be a good idea not to give her too much of an importance at this stage.

Try talking to her once or twice and take it from there.


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