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Dealing with Crushes/How to get over a camp crush that goes to my school


Hi. Summer of 2014, I went to soccer camp with some of my friends. While I was there, I met a great guy. Se both had "camp crushes" on each other and bonded a lot and played great with eachother ( in a soccer game ). We even cheered Eachother on when we had games and a huge 20 minute obstacle course to go thru. We really hit it off, but I was too shy to ask for his number when camp ended. Once I started school, I realized we went to the same school. He was a sophmore and I am a junior. 6 months later ( in January ) we both were watching the varsity soccer game against our rivalry school, and we started talking again. The feelings for him came back. I don't know what to do. He likes my teammate( at least I'm told so ) and I want to stay friends with him, but not have feelings for him anymore. I try to not think about him, or talk about him, but I catch myself doing just the exact. I don't know how to get over him. Any advice?

Dear Mary,

The best way to get over this is to focus your attention on the other thing in life like career, friends and hobbies. Pick up some activity that you like and spend time doing that. However don't try too hard to forget this guy since you might end up doing the opposite. Be cool about the while thing and try to treat him just like any other friend.

If the feelings still persist, then may be should talk again.


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