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Hey Dan,
My name is Yara and I am about to be 19 yrs. old. I am here because I am having issues on how to deal with this guy that I am seriously crushing on. I met him at work and i feel like I just liked him from the moment I saw him. He is a year younger than me. I am very shy so I don't really know what to do about my crush on him. I feel like I should just go and talk to him but I feel like that would make things awkward especially since I haven't known him for that long, just about 2 months. We don't really communicate other than the typical hi and bye and work conversations. How would you suggest I go about this situation? I just got off a long term relationship so I am a little rusty on actually getting out there. Hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance.

Hi Yara,

First of all, start being cool about the whole thing.
I know it's easy for me to be giving you suggestions but here is what you should do.

What is the worst thing that will happen in this case? Will he not talk to you for ever? May be you will find another guy who is better than him. Think of the worst thing that can happen and prepare yourself mentally for it.

Now once you have done that, try to do the best in this situation.
May be you should go and just start talking to him about general stuff. You know get to him know him more and all that. This way you will also get to know him better and vice-versa. May be you could discuss some work. Be cool about it and don't worry too much about how he will react.

Hope this helps.


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